Spicy mustard flower


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Freeze-dried edible mustard flowers 200ml

Ingredients: 100% mustard flower (5g)

Our flowers are edible and grown organically on our small scale family farm.  Every flower is hand picked and arranged by us. We do not use any additives, preservatives, pesticide or chemical in the product nor process.

Now, about freeze-drying. We snapfreeze everything as soon as we can, this locks in nutrients and flavour, but also preserves the shape and colour of the flowers best. The blooms are then transferred to a freeze-dryer where they will sit quite a while, up to a few days. The freeze-dryer applies enormous vacuum which enables the drying process to happen without high temperatures. First we “heat” to a few C° and we finish at max. 30C°. Astronauts who go to space eat freeze-dried food, and now you do too if you buy a jar 🙂

The blooms are very versatile, you can cook with them a risotto, throw them on your pizza after baking, make a colourful sourdough or use it as a final garnish on your plate. You can also freeze them back in ice cubes, candy them or just give them as a special gift. They taste similar to rocket or wasabi.

The product should be stored airtight at room temperature and keeping it in the dark will preserve the colours. It is safe to eat them technically forever, however they are best consumed by 6 months.

Introducing our vibrant Edible Bright Yellow Mustard Flowers, a culinary delight that adds a burst of color and flavor to your dishes. Harvested at the peak of perfection, these mustard flowers boast an intense yellow hue that will elevate any culinary creation.

Sourced from our own fields, these mustard flowers are cultivated with care and attention to detail, ensuring the freshest and most flavorful blooms. Each flower holds a unique blend of pungent and tangy notes, making it a versatile ingredient for both sweet and savory dishes.

With their distinct flavor profile, these edible bright yellow mustard flowers are perfect for experimenting in the kitchen. From garnishing salads to infusing oils and vinegars, the culinary possibilities are endless.

Elevate your gastronomic journey with the exquisite taste and vibrant appearance of our Edible Bright Yellow Mustard Flowers. These flowers are a testament to our commitment to providing the finest and freshest ingredients for food enthusiasts like you.

Explore the world of culinary artistry with our Edible Bright Yellow Mustard Flowers – a captivating addition to any dish, guaranteed to delight your taste buds and impress your guests. Enhance your culinary creations with a burst of color and flavor that only these remarkable mustard flowers can deliver.

Transform your dishes into edible works of art with the distinctive touch of our Edible Bright Yellow Mustard Flowers. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or an enthusiastic home cook, these flowers will take your culinary ventures to new heights.

Discover the magic of mustard flowers – a culinary treasure that promises an unforgettable dining experience. Embrace the vivid yellow allure of our Edible Bright Yellow Mustard Flowers and unlock a world of creative culinary possibilities.


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