Gin Flower Infusion


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Ingredients: freeze-dried blackcurrants, mallow flowers and juniper berries.

🥳 Want a special Floral Fruity Gin cocktail infused at home with real European flowers? 🍹
Don’t let the summer slip away without sipping on a gorgeous color changing gin & tonic infusion that will blossom your taste buds! 🌺 Elevate your drink and wow your guests simply with this gin and tonic infusion that works in just a few minutes! 🤩
Our gin infusion kit suffices for 14 cocktails/ whole bottle of gin or vodka.

How to make a gin and tonic special? What can you mix with gin? Research no further => here is the best gin infusion recipe: Simply add our purple hibiscus flower, freeze-dried blackcurrant and juniper berry mix to your gin, vodka or other choice of alcohol and let it infuse. For stronger taste and color of infused gin we recommend to let it sit at least for a few hours up to a week in the fridge, but a punch can be felt already after a few minutes, too. Then strain, pour it on ice. Easy. You will have an aromatic purple drink that you top up with tonic in front of your guests so that they can see the drink magically turn from dark purple to bright magenta pink. It will be hard to believe this happens so naturally thanks to organic, home-grown Malva sylvestris (type of hibiscus) flowers grown from seed by us on our field in Solkan, Slovenia. After harvesting we freeze-dry the edible flowers so that they retain their beautiful color, aroma and medicinal benefits. This fruit in gin & tonic recipe will delight without artificial colorants, preservatives, aromas or other chemicals contained by all the other store-bought pink gins.

For a mocktail simply pour hot water on the mix which will turn blue within seconds and intense pink if you choose to add lemon juice to it. Kids will love it guaranteed! It is a real showstopper and it is ridiculously natural, literally just flowers from our garden.

Get your freeze-dried gin fruit cocktail kit while the stock lasts and support our small-scale sLOVEnian business 🌺
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