Blackcurrant powder


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100% Freeze-dried fine powdered blackcurrant. Excellent taste enhancer for savoury and sweet dishes alike. Use 5% mixed to creams, sauces in order to get a vibrant pink colour and a strong sourish punch. Packed in 50g pouches, made using 500g fruits.


Our freeze-dried powder range is meant to help chefs and bakers to elevate their plates quickly and conveniently. The fresh produce is first snapfrozen to -40°C and then slowly dried under a vacuum pump for at least 24 hours, never heating more than to 29°C. This way the water content sublimates from ice form into vapour without becoming liquid. This delicate drying process ensures the unique quality of the product: unparalleled vibrant colour, pungent taste and intense aroma all remain preserved naturally. This quality cannot be achieved by air-drying or drying in an oven, and the result is often better than the original fresh product because it is more concentrated and lacks water that can dilute sauces or creams when we use fresh fruits or vegetables. We are proud suppliers of 5 Michelin star restaurants who vouch for our quality standards.


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