What is freeze-drying?

Freeze-drying is the highest quality dehydration method that removes water content. The fruit/vegetable/herb/flower is first frozen, so all the water molecules are solid. Then they are placed in the freeze-dryer machine, the vacuum starts working at this stage so that everything gets under pressure. This way the ice will evaporate without ever becoming liquid water. At the end, usually after a few days we are left with beautifully preserved products and a ton of tasteless ice with no aroma. This is how we can tell that the totally dry products still hold all the aroma and taste which are intensified by the lack of diluting water. 


What is the shelf life?

Our products (if stored airtight at room temperature) will be safe to eat for many years, we indicate a best by date on our packaging which will tell you when the product might lose its fresh look.


How can the flowers be used?

The flowers are safe to eat, feel free to garnish your cocktails, baked goods or any meal with them. They won’t wilt and will look fresh longer than fresh flowers, which is good if you for instance sell cakes on display or plan to store a wedding cake for a few hours before cutting. The flowers contain extremely little moisture, so if you wish to re-hydrate them just press them gently on buttercream and they will look fresh within a few minutes.

How can the powders be used?

The powders have strong colouring power so you can make your creation look more vibrant, but they also taste great and can be easily used. Just add a spoonful to your cream soup, mashed potato or buttercream icing et voila that’s it.

How should a freeze-dried product be stored?

Keep everything in an airtight packaging, in the dark at room temperature. After opening the package, make sure that you close it back immediately. 

What are edible flowers?

We limit our range of edible flowers to the list recognised by the EU. We grow everything from an organic seed without using any chemical or pesticide.

My order is late. What to do?

Please write us an email and we will locate your order using the unique tracking number.

How about regular customers, subscriptions?

Weekly or monthly subscriptions are offered at a discounted rate, contact us via email for details.

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