Flowers are for bees, butterflies ... and CAKES!

handpicked handcrafted small batch production shown with a basket of rose petals

I understand how important it is to create a beautiful cake. However, I’ve noticed that beauty often comes at a price. Many decorators use artificial props, sugar figurines, or sprinkles loaded with colorants & additives. They may even use flowers from the florist, which can sometimes introduce pesticides onto your buttercream.

We take a different approach. We grow natural flowers in their natural habitat or we forage, so there’s no need for any treatments. After handpicking them, we pop them into a freeze-dryer, keeping them forever young.

Et voilà, that’s our secret. It’s simple yet results in a more awe-inspiring cake.

If you are interested in what type of flowers are officially edible or need some recipe ideas just write me an email, always happy to connect 🙂 Ester

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